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Spin Clinic

Last week my beloved spin coach flew in from Seattle to conduct a spin clinic for our club. My skating bestie and I have been organizing this event since January or February. I did most of the administrative work – I created the flyer, QR code, signup link, budget tracker, attendee list and groups, and schedules. My friend helped a lot with the food order and was the go-between with the club (she helped a lot on the payments side and told me who had/hadn’t paid).

This clinic was definitely a team effort, and I’m happy to share that it went well. We had close to 60 skaters participating, and we split them into 3 different groups according to their skating abilities. In addition to the on-ice spin session, we also had a coach doing edges and another one doing off-ice jumps. We fed everyone lunch and in the afternoon, skaters alternated between an off-ice dance/ballet class and off-ice spins on the spin board.

All in all, it was a jam-packed day, and I am hoping that skaters found it to be valuable. We had a great turnout from the adult skating community, too!

Thanks again to Kim Ryan-Lewis for spending some time with us! We are so grateful to have had you visit us and share your knowledge!

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