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Feedback from a National Tech Specialist (part 3)

Here is the final spin that I sent to the national technical specialist for his review. This is what we call a flying reverse sit spin. It’s also known as a few other names, like an axel sit spin.

This is what I was aiming for: 1) Difficult entry, 2) change of feet in a sit spin, 3) sit behind (tuck)

And this is what the tech specialist said:

  • Flying reverse sit: still needs to achieve a sit position in the air. Not sure it was low enough for 2 revolutions
  • Sit back is good

Looks like I need to work on getting in a more distinct sit position in the air before I land on my spinning foot. I’m excited to have had an expert weigh in and provide such valuable feedback! Hopefully I can keep improving these spins before competition season starts.

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