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Back to the Drawing Board

One of the most frustrating parts about starting a new season (at least for me) is figuring out what spins I’m going to include in my program. While it might not sound like a big deal to many, it is for me.

The reason for this is because the spins I prefer to execute usually take between 20-25 seconds. Each. Since I have 3 spins in my program, that means I will be spinning for about 1 full minute of my 2 minute and 40 second program. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.

My coach/choreographer also needs to know how I need to go into the spin and how I will exit them. That way she can appropriate build in the best transitions.

So why is all this frustrating? Well, the spin near the middle of my program keeps changing. I thought we had it down, but we keep altering it. We have been revising the entry, then the exit, then the part in between. At this point, I still don’t know what the plan is so that I can practice it correctly.

The dilemma I am facing (other than lack of time) is whether I want to attempt a difficult entry. I’ve pondered a few options, only to learn that some of the ones I execute are t strong enough yet. Then we try difficult exits, and the ones I try wouldn’t get counted in a competitions. We’ve tried different permutations and combinations of things and still don’t know what to do yet.

First world problems, I know. I’m just ready to settle on something so I can start running my programs in preparation for competition season. I will continue to work on the things I’m not good at (in terms of spins) so that they can be options one day. Back to the drawing board…

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