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Ankle Contact

There are some days where I believe I am the world’s slowest learner. It took me about 7 years to learn how to cross my legs in the axel. Seven years!!

I’ve been working on the double salchow for, gosh, what seems like forever (it’s probably been closer to 5-6 years). And you know what? I have the hardest time crossing my legs and getting them to stay there.

I don’t know why it took me this long, but on this particular day of skating practice, my sole goal was to get my boots to touch in the middle of the jump. I didn’t care what the rest of the jump looked like, but I wanted to hear my boots thunk together.

While I didn’t quite get the boots to physically touch each other, I did, however, manage to get my legs closer together (which was the point of my goal). In fact, this is probably the tightest I’ve ever been in a jump. I NEVER get ankle contact. My adult brain vehemently opposes what I try to make my body do.

Here is one of the jumps where I attempt to make ankle contact (this was filmed at Yerba Buena, which is in San Francisco and home of Brian Boitano and Polina Edmunds):

This jump was alllllllmost fully rotated, but I couldn’t save the landing. Sigh. Here is another attempt, which obviously is under rotated.

Even though neither of these attempts are clean, they are a step in the right direction. My ankles are closer together, which is giving me quicker rotation. Now I just need to work on either 1) increasing my flight time, and/or 2) keeping those ankles together longer. Both of those options should give me the ability to land this cleanly.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take another 7 years for this to happen.

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