Skating Fridays

Loop Lift

My pairs partner and I have slowly gotten back into doing more elements now that he has a diagnosis on his foot. He’s been wearing some insoles in his skates to help alleviate some of the pain he’s been experiencing.

With that pain a bit more under control, we have tried doing some more lifts off-ice. Here is the latest with our off-ice loop lift.

Previously, we had a lot of challenges with this lift. My partner had a difficult time extending his arms (probably due to my ice cream bod!). Because we didn’t get a lot of height, we had trouble with rotation.

We’ve made some significant progress with this lift, as he is now able to extend his arms and help us get at least 1 revolution. We hope that we can translate this to the ice but know that things are very different when our balance point is on two thin knives. 🙂

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