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For the past few months, my coach and I have been diligently working on Novice Moves in the Field. I was lucky enough to pass my Intermediate Moves over a year ago so Novice was the next logical thing to focus on.

The hardest element for me at the beginning of my journey was the slow rocker-Choctaw sequence that goes down the length of the ice. I could not get my body organized or aligned correctly to execute this pattern. It was pretty dreadful for a while.

However, I have been making small improvements where my coach has been pretty happy with my progress. Just for fun, I videoed these during freestyle recently and shared them with a judge friend (who is qualified to judge this level). Surprisingly, she said that they were passable at the Adult 21+ level! She made a great recommendation and encouraged me to create better flow during the transition from one side to the other. Mine is a bit choppy at the moment so I will work on making it more fluid.

I am very encouraged by my friend’s comments and am elated that this move is passable! Now to work on the other ones…😩

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