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Extended and Crossed Legs (Flip Jump)

One of the biggest issues with my jumps is that I cannot for the life of me straighten my left leg in the air. It’s always bent. Coach B has told me ad nauseum that I need to straighten that left leg. My mind understands what to do, but my body cannot execute it (this is, sadly, the story of my skating life).

Coach B told me to do a “Canadian” half flip jump where I double pick/hop on my toe pick. She told me to focus on getting full extension up through my top toe pick.

I did a few and she went bonkers. I wasn’t sure if I didn’t something wrong, but she said that I got crazy height and that my leg was straight.

So we tried the Canadian half flip again, followed by a single flip jump. Same entrance.

Again, Coach B went crazy. She went to grab her phone to video me. I was able to repeat what I did previously:



If you play this in slow motion, you’ll see that my left leg is fully extended in both the half flip and flip jumps. I’m launching off the top toe pick and ‘hang’ in the air for a brief moment before descending. Also, on the full flip jump, my legs actually cross!!

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. We’ve been working on crossing my legs for YEARS (no exaggeration here) and extending my legs. To see that I am actually capable of doing this is nothing short of a miracle.

If I can just translate this same feeling into all my other jumps (and fix my flappy chicken arms), then I’ll be set.

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