Skating Fridays

Pairs Throw Loop

My pairs partner and I were practicing one day when we decided to try our trusty old throw loop element. It is probably our best element, as we typically get plenty of height, air time, and distance.

On this particular day, we wanted to push our limits to see how bi we could really make this.

I didn’t get our first attempt on video, but I can tell you that it was HUGE. I felt like I was flying about 10 feet into the air because when I looked down, it was a long way to go. I landed correctly on my toe pick, but I didn’t accurately expect the impact of the landing, so I fell. My body didn’t know how to land such a big jump, so it collapsed.

We got the second and third ones on film, and this is the next biggest attempt we had. I calculated the air time to be close to 0.53 seconds. My average single loop (without a partner) usually clocks in around 0.37 or 0.40 if I’m lucky. That means that my partner gave me about 0.16 of additional air time. If you look at minimum air time charts (this is a good one), you’ll see that 0.53 seconds should be plenty of time for a triple loop!

Our hope is that we can turn this into a throw double loop one day. What that means is that I need to learn how to properly rotate a double loop and get over my fear of it.

I’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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