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Sit Spins With a Friend

Some days, when I’m practicing at the rink, I just want a break and have some fun. That day came a few weeks ago when I ran into my friend B. She was home for the summer after finishing her spring semester at college.

B is an incredible skater – probably the best at our rink. She is a phenomenal spinner, and her edges are out of this world. I used to see her once a week, and during that time, we’d goof off and try new things on the ice.

When I saw her recently, I asked her if she’d want to do a sit spin with me. She happily agreed, and this is what we got on video. We were even able to time it so that we were mostly together. She spins in the opposite direction so it was fun to mirror each other.



  1. July 9, 2022 / 7:21 am

    Love the ta-dah! at the end. And the speed!

    • evabakes
      July 9, 2022 / 11:08 am

      It’s always more fun to skate with friends!

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