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Another Proud Coaching Moment

Two weeks ago, I shared a proud coaching moment with you.  I’m back again this week with another story I’d like to tell you about that really warmed my heart.

The week after I helped the little girl overcome her fear of the ice, I was asked to teach a free lesson. These are usually a lot of fun for me since we get to march around and have a good time.

When I was introduced to the boy, I immediately knew that this would be challenging. He didn’t make any eye contact and had trouble forming words. I knew in my heart that this little boy was Autistic.

He kicked and screamed and kept asking for his mom. She gently pushed back and asked him to stay with me. While my time spent on the ice usually flies by, the 30 minutes I spent with this boy seemed to drag on.

I sincerely wanted to help him, but he didn’t want anybody but his mom. My constant encouragement and praise did no good. I tried all different types of teaching techniques to no avail.

The same thing happened the following week. No progress.

Then on week 3, something magical happened. This little boy was screaming for my name during the minutes leading up to class. He and his mom came marching over to me, and he hugged my arm like a tree. We joyfully marched and glided together, and he was smiling. His mom mentioned that this was a breakthrough and she was tickled to see him skate and take to me.

I hope this little boy continues to progress. It’s moments like these that make me proud and want to keep teaching others.

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