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Double Flip Attempt

Last week, I shared my double loop attempt. Today, I am sharing a double flip attempt. This is a jump that I have spent exactly zero minutes on in my skating career. Zero.

Prior to the holiday break, my jump coach had mentioned that my flip jump was getting bigger and bigger (in terms of air time and distance). When we measured it, the jump was hovering around the 0.40 second mark and higher. He said that I should have enough air time to successfully land a double flip jump – given the right technique, of course.

Just for fun, I attempt a few on New Year’s day this year. Because what better way to ring in a new year than to try some new elements, right?

Yes, this is under-rotated. My rotating axis is incorrect as well, and I get no distance. But it’s a start. For not having spent any time on this jump at all, I’d say that I’m pretty pleased to where I am. Hopefully I can spend more time on the double flip this year. Of all the jumps, this is the one where I get the most air time. So fingers crossed that it clicks for me soon!


  1. January 22, 2021 / 3:42 pm

    Happy double flip day, Eva! So happy to see you trying new jumps and launching yourself into the air!!!

    • evabakes
      January 22, 2021 / 6:04 pm

      This is another jump I hope to land cleanly this year!

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