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2020 Goals – Review


It’s that time of year again to see how I progressed on my 2020 skating goals. Granted, this year has been strange, but that doesn’t mean that progress can’t be made.

  1. Continue to improve my skating skills and presentation. This will always be a goal of mine. Skating friends have noticed a difference in my presentation this year, and I hope to continue building this into a strength. There is always more to work on in terms of skating skills and presentation, so this will never be fully checked off as done.
  2. Land a fully clean double toe loop. Nope. Sadly, this did not happen this year. I’ve been about a half of a revolution off, but we have not spent much time working on this jump in 2020. Perhaps I will table it to 2021.
  3. Refine my jump technique. I worked very hard off-ice during the at-home lockdown. My rink was closed for 3 months, so I had to resort to off-ice training. We worked on multiple techniques for gaining height and air time. I also worked on rotational speed. My off-ice game improved tremendously, and it translated to the ice in terms of more flight time and height. For example, my double salchow attempts went from 0.33 in air time to 0.40 (still not landed clean, but the flight time increased).
  4. Continue my mental training. I need to continue to learn how to be kind to myself. I only competed twice this year – at a local competition and at Adult Sectionals. Therefore, I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to practice my mental training. This will continue to be a focus during my skating journey.

So there you have it. Although I haven’t been on the ice as much as last year, I still made some progress in 2020.

How have you progressed on your 2020 goals? Were you able to achieve some or all of your goals?


  1. December 18, 2020 / 9:02 pm

    Impressive for a difficult year! It’s good to keep track of these things just to know that you are making progress. Here’s to improvements in the new year.

    • evabakes
      December 18, 2020 / 9:20 pm

      It’s good to know that even with limited ice time, skaters can continue to improve! Here’s to 2021!

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