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First Competition of the Season (part 2)

Last week, I recapped the freestyle program from my first competition of the season. I also debuted a  new dramatic program as well.

Timing-wise, the dramatic program was the first event that I skated. Then I had to do a quick costume change, as my freestyle program was about an hour later.

A few weeks ago, I alluded that I was going to skate to something completely different than years past. I’m ready to reveal my new music selection to you all today. I consulted with several skating friends for ideas (you know who you are), and one of them suggested that I try a darker piece of music to bring out a different character.

She sent me several suggestions, and after listening to them all, the one that spoke to me was “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. But not the pop/dance version. Oh no – this was the slow, sultry version from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Yes… that Fifty Shades (blushing).

I enlisted the help of another skater friend to help me choreograph this. She has a stellar track record of placing well in dramatic entertainment and is a budding choreographer so she helped bring this piece of music to life.

Now that we had the choreography, I needed to pick a costume. Again, with the same friend’s suggestion, I picked a black sparkly dress and finished it off with black tights to set the mood. (note that the photo above is my freestyle dress, as I had that quick costume change and did not get to stay in my dramatic costume for very long)

I performed my heart out and really stepped outside my comfort zone. Much to my surprise and excitement, I won the event (there were only 2 of us). The other skater is an experienced and seasoned competitor in the dramatic event, so I expected a very strong showing from her. And from what I heard, she “brought it” as well. The two of us had two completely different programs so it was hard to judge. Somehow, the judges gave me the edge over her. My jaw dropped to the floor when I found out the results.

Now that this first competition is behind me, I now know that I can pull off dark and sultry as a character. I hope this knowledge can help expand my music repertoire and build additional personas to my skating.

I’ll try to share the video from this soon.

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