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Adult Bronze Pairs Test – Passed!

Obligatory photo with test papers and coaches (Nick Perna and YouTube)

I am ecstatic to share that my pairs partner and I both passed our Adult Bronze Pairs test this week. Those of you who follow me on Facebook already knew this, so thank you for checking with me there.

This was no easy feat. We had a pairs coach move to our rink in late summer and learned some of the fundamentals from him. He unexpectedly moved away about 4 months afterwards so we were left without a coach. Unfortunately for us, there are no pairs coaches in our area, so we had to coach ourselves. We constantly joked that we relied heavily on “Coach YouTube.”

We also enlisted the help of coach extraordinaire, Nick Perna, who offered us FaceTime lessons. He took a look at our elements and helped us refine them to be test-ready. We also worked briefly with a dance coach who helped us with the partnering aspect of the test.

By the time we signed up for the test, we had no official coach, no music and no program. We had about 3 weeks to put everything together. It was officially time to cram.

Our test chair said that this was the first pairs test our rink has seen in at least 15 years. Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll post the video next week so stay tuned!

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