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2018 Skating Goals

Happy 2018! As I recapped last week, I realized that my previous skating goals have not been attainable. I was too focused on outcomes that I could not control (such as scores or placement in competitions). This year I am going to be smarter about what goals I want to set and achieve by December 31, 2018.

Ready? I am too. (These are not listed in any particular order – just whatever came to my mind first)

  1. Improve my presentation on the ice: straightened back, extended free leg, “coming up” after a spin or jump element, “feeling” the music, chin and eyes up. These are all things I can control, and if done well, should reflect on my PCS.
  2. Skate in the moment during competition. That means I am not focusing on future outcomes, but rather being in the present and enjoying what I am doing. The technique I am trying to implement is using key words and having a mental script for my program. That way I am focusing on the element at hand and not thinking to the past or to the future.
  3. Land a clean Axel in competition. Notice that I am not setting a goal on the points I’m earning or the GOE that a judge would award. I just want to be able to land this jump cleanly during a competition – that means I have a clean takeoff, am fully rotated, and land backwards on my toe pick. Much of that will depend upon goal #2 above (skating in the moment).
  4. Successfully execute a correct double salchow. I’ve been working on this goal for several years now and would love for 2018 to be the year that this happens. I need to have the correct setup, takeoff, rotation, fully crossed legs and a clean landing for this to count. I’m still 1/2 a revolution short.
  5. Check off at least one more spin off Coach B’s spin pyramid. I’d like to work on at least one new spin during the year and be able to check off one more item off the spin pyramid. I did not say that it will be mastered or included in a program – just that I’d like to be able to work on one. I’m not sure which spin I’d like to check off yet.

So there you have it. All the items above are within my own control. These items are actionable, can be time-bound (December 31, 2018) and are specific enough so that I can definitively say if I’ve accomplished these or not.

What are your 2018 goals? Are they SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time-bound)? Are you focusing on things that YOU can control versus items that are dependent upon a judge or outcome?

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