Skating Fridays

The Ultimate Compliment

I was having a lesson the other day when my coach asked me to do an Axel. I went and executed one, and he said, “That jump is looking so much more comfortable. It’s looking effortless. It actually looks like a kid’s.”


A kid’s??

He then proceeded to ask me to demonstrate an Axel-loop combination. I went and did one.

“Wow, that was really good. It’s forcing you to land with your free foot crossed in front.”

<insert shocked face here>

After the series of surprising (and totally flattering) comments, the coach asked me to send him some more Axel videos. Apparently he uses my Axel as an example for other adult skaters.

This is all so exciting and humbling. To know that a National, International and World coach uses videos of little old me for others as an example… WOW. I mean, just WOW.

Call me speechless.

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