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Back to (Spin) Basics

After competition, my coaches and I usually spend some time analyzing what happened (good and bad). After the Nashville competition and seeing that I got 2 of my 3 spins dashed, we went back to the drawing board.

Now that I am done with international competitions for the season, I won’t need a flying spin (yay!). So that flying reverse sit spin that I was working on will be taken out. We’re not quite sure what we will replace it with, but it will likely be some time of camel spin or combination spin.

The goal is to keep things simple and rely on positive grades of execution rather than focus on level 3 spins. A well-executed level 1 spin can be worth more than a poorly executed level 3 spin, so that’s what we’re going for.

I attempted a broken leg sit spin in Nashville, and I believe my skating thigh was too high so it got dashed. Therefore, we are going back to basics and doing a plain old, super reliable change foot sit spin. Knock on wood, but I can usually hold a sit spin for days without a sweat. My coach wants to aim for +4 and +5 GOEs on this since it’s my strongest spin. In the US, I might earn a level 2 for this spin (8 revolutions in the forward sit and then doing a change to the back sit is another level in Adult calling).

Fingers crossed that this new strategy works. Here’s the change foot sit spin:

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