* Eva’s favorites

2 giant oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies
6 egg yolk cookies
Amish sugar cookies
Andes chocolate mint cookies
Andes creme de menthe chunk cookies
Blueberry and cream cookies (from Momofuku Milk Bar)
Brookies (brownie cookies) in a pan
Bronze butter chocolate chip cookies
Brown butter cinnamon crinkle cookies
Brown butter salted chocolate chip skillet cookie
Brown butter sugar cookies
Brown sugar toffee cookies
Brownie cookies*
Brownie cookies (soft and fudgy)
Biscoff chocolate chip cookies
Candy cane kiss cookies
Caramel brownie thumbprint cookies*
Caramel stuffed snickerdoodles
Chewy chocolate mint cookies
Chinese almond cookies
Chocolate brownie cookies*
Chocolate caramel oat cookies
Chocolate and cacao nib cookies
Chocolate chip cookie dough sandwich cookies
Chocolate chip cookies from Alton Brown (“The Chewy”)
Chocolate chip cookies from Back in the Day Bakery
Chocolate chip cookies from Christina Tosi
Chocolate chip cookies from Jacques Torres*
Chocolate chip cookies from Levain Bakery (copycat recipe)
Chocolate chip cookies from Thomas Keller*
Chocolate chip cookies – Soft Batch style
Chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil
Chocolate chip meringue cookies
Chocolate chunk cookies
Chocolate covered cherry cookies
Chocolate fudge cookies
Chocolate Milky Way bar cookies 
Chocolate oatmeal cookie butter cookies (from Dorie Greenspan)
Chocolate peppermint chunk cookies
Chocolate snickerdoodles
Chocolate thumbprint cookies with fruit jam (from Dorie Greenspan)
Chocolate truffle cookies (from the Dahlia Bakery)
Cinnamon chip snickerdoodles
Cinnamon roll cookies
Colored black and white cookies
Compost cookies (from Momofuku Milk Bar)
Cookie dough whoopie pies
Copycat Crumble Biscoff white chocolate chip cookies
Copycat Crumbl buckeye brownie cookies
Copycat Crumbl chocolate chip cookies
Copycat Crumbl dark dream cookies
Copycat Crumbl dulce de leche cookies
Copycat Crumbl hazelnut churro cookies
Copycat Crumbl hazelnut sea salt cookies
Copycat Crumbl mint brownie cookies
Copycat Crumbl molten lava cookies
Cozy cinnamon cookies from Bradie Tennell
Cranberry bliss bar cookies
Dark chocolate peppermint patty cookies
Deb’s crack cookies
Deep dish Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookie skillet pie
Dorie’s world peace cookies
Double chocolate fudge cookies*
Double chocolate mint cookies
Double chocolate peppermint chunk cookies
Double chocolate skillet cookie*
Double chocolate zucchini cookies
Double fudge mint cookies*
Dutch letter cookies
French macarons
Fresh mint chocolate chip cookies
Funfetti cookies (from Momofuku Milk Bar)* 
Funfetti skillet cookie
Funfetti sugar cookie bars
Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread fudge cookies
Gingerbread snickerdoodles*
Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies
Hawaiian chocolate dipped shortbread cookies
Hamentashen (Jewish filled triangle cookies)
Iced oatmeal cookies
Italian rainbow cookies
Jalapeño double chocolate chip cookies
Lavender macarons with chocolate honey ganache
Lemon curd cookies
Lemon ricotta cookie with lemon glaze
Lemon rosemary shortbread
Lofthouse style soft frosted sugar cookies*
Maple chocolate chip cookies
Marshmallow filled cookie cups
M&M cookies
M&M skillet cookie
Melted snowman cookies
Molasses and rum cookies
Mudslide cookies
Nutella chocolate chip cookies
Nutella deep dish chocolate chip skillet cookie
Nutella stuffed brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal chocolate chip skillet cookie
Oatmeal cinnamon chip cookies 
Oatmeal cookies (from Christina Tosi)
Oatmeal cream pies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies (Thomas Keller’s recipe)*
Oatmeal raisin cinnamon chip cookies
One bowl brownie drop cookies
One bowl flourless egg white chocolate chip cookies
One bowl fudge brownie cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (version 2)
Peanut butter sandwich cookies (from the Dahlia Bakery)
Peppermint meringues
Peppermint snowball cookies
Peppermint sugar cookies
Peppermint white chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin cheesecake cookies
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies*
Pumpkin spice snickerdoodles (pan-banging method)
Raspberry lemonade cookies
Red velvet skillet cookie*
Root beer float cookies
Salted caramel stuffed crinkle cookies
Salted caramel triple chocolate skillet cookie
Shortbread biscuits (From Ted Lasso)
Skillet brookie
Skillet s’mores cookie
S’mores cookies
S’mores cookies (version 2)
Snickerdoodle skillet cookie
Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies
Soft and chewy chocolate confetti chip cookies
Soft and chewy chocolate peppermint cookies
Soft and chewy M&M chocolate chip cookies
Soft and chewy M&M cookies*
Soft and chewy sugar cookies
Soft batch chocolate chip cookies
Soft batch double chocolate chip cookies
Soft batch double chocolate fudge cookies*
Soft chocolate chip cookies
Soft pumpkin cookies
Soft sugar cookies with cookie dough frosting
Strawberry ice cream cone kiss cookies
Strawberry shortcake macarons
Sugar cookies with royal icing
Thin and chewy chocolate chip cookies
Toffee chocolate chip cookie pie
Triple chocolate biscotti
Triple chocolate cookies*
Triple chocolate peppermint cookies*
Vanilla bean macarons with Biscoff filling
White chocolate funfetti pudding cookies
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies
White chocolate macarons with white chocolate ganache
White chocolate raspberry cookies with white chocolate drizzle*